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Owning a horse trailer is a significant investment for equestrians and horse enthusiasts. To ensure the safety and comfort of your equine companions during travel, regular maintenance, and occasional part replacements are essential. We’re excited to announce that Vantage Trailers has launched its new online parts store, making it easier than ever to find and replace the most common components in your horse trailer. In this blog, we will explore the importance of maintaining your horse trailer and how Vantage Trailers’ new online parts store can help you keep your trailer in top-notch condition.

Tires and Wheels

Tires and wheels are among the most critical components of your horse trailer that require regular inspection and replacement. Vantage Trailer’s online parts store may not carry tires and wheels currently but could offer them in the future. Until then, we can definitely help you in the right direction to getting tires and wheels. 


The floor of your horse trailer endures constant pressure and exposure to moisture, making regular maintenance a must. Even though this isn’t a part we supply, we do complete WERM flooring installations and flooring replacements with our service departments. If this is something you’re interested in learning more about, check out our article about WERM flooring here

Electrical Components

Electrical systems in horse trailers are essential for road safety, and Vantage Trailers understands the importance of keeping them in optimal condition. Their new online parts store offers a range of electrical components, including lighting systems, brake lights, and electric brakes. You can easily browse through the selection, ensuring your trailer’s electrical system is up to par and compliant with road regulations.

Trailer Coupler and Hitch

The trailer coupler and hitch are vital for securely connecting your horse trailer to the towing vehicle. To ensure a safe towing experience, Vantage Trailers’ online parts store offers top-notch couplers and hitches suitable for various trailer models. With their comprehensive product descriptions and easy-to-use search feature, finding the right replacement parts has never been simpler.

Braking System

Properly functioning brakes are crucial for the safety of both your horses and yourself. Vantage Trailers’ new online parts store could see more brake system replacement parts, but our full service shops at both our Lethbridge and Lacombe locations can help with brake replacements and services. 

Roof Vents and Windows

Ventilation is paramount for your horses’ well-being during transportation. Vantage Trailers’ online parts store offers a variety of roof vents and windows, allowing you to maintain a comfortable environment inside the trailer. With their user-friendly interface, you can easily find and replace any damaged or dysfunctional vents and windows.

Owning a horse trailer comes with the responsibility of regular maintenance and occasional part replacements. Thanks to Vantage Trailers’ new online parts store, maintaining your horse trailer has never been more convenient. From hardware to latches, our team continues to add more parts every day! If there is a part that you cannot find on our store, give us a call at one of our locations and we can order parts! Visit Vantage Trailers’ online parts store today and take the first step towards safe and comfortable travels for your beloved horses.

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