Looking for a dump trailer that can help you haul heavy payloads? Dump Trailers are the best answer for the job! Whether it’s heavy payloads or moving equipment from another location, these trailers are durable. Contact us for more information!

Dump Trailers for Sale

What are Dump Trailers?

Jobs that require a lot of hauling, whether it be equipment or garbage, or just hauling materials around the yard, dump trailers have great versatility and can make your work more efficient.

Why use a Dump Trailer?

Dump trailers are perfect for hauling, moving equipment and more! Depending on how much your average payloads will be will help determine what size of dump trailer you will need. If you’re moving equipment around, we may recommend you use a heavy duty dump trailer vs. a smaller style.

What are the Types of Dump Trailers?

People often ask about which type of dump trailer is best for them? Depending on the use, a side dump trailer could be great for laying out material, and for more control of your contents. Typically, these trailers are heavier and require more space. An end dump trailer is great for expelling large amounts of material with the lifted front end dumping the materials. They take up less space but don’t provide a ton of control of your payload.

What is the Best Dump Trailer for me?

If you’re unsure on which dump trailer is best for you, reach out to us at Vantage Trailers. We will walk you through the entire process while trying to find you the best trailer for your needs. Contact us today!

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