Our selection of livestock trailers can help you haul your livestock safely and comfortably. Livestock trailers need to ensure that you can get to your destination, regardless of distance. Contact us to learn more about our new or pre-owned livestock trailers.

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Livestock Trailers for Sale

Benefits of a Livestock Trailer

Livestock trailers are great for transporting your livestock without the need of renting a large coach everytime. They are very versatile for any type of animal that you’re transporting including sheep, cows, pigs and more.

Ensuring you have the Right Livestock Trailer

Getting the proper size of livestock trailer for your animals is extremely important when it comes to transporting them safely. Consideration of weight limits, animal weights and towing capacity will be huge factors when choosing the proper size. Staying within the limits of the weight of the trailer will ensure you don’t have any accidents due to loss of control.

Livestock Trailer Features to Consider

Livestock trailers should come with features that will make your job easier when working with livestock. Things from ramps, doors, storage for tack and feed, hay racks, and non-slip rubber mats can make the process of loading and hauling livestock much simpler.
If you’re unsure on which livestock trailer is best for you, reach out to us at Vantage Trailers. We will walk you through the entire process while trying to find you the best trailer for your needs. Contact us today!

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