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When you’re shopping for your next trailer, the number of options you’re able to choose from can be overwhelming. Whether you’re looking for a luxury living quarters or a simple stock trailer, there are dozens of upgrades and add-ons to select from. Should you install a ramp or not? What about an awning? Which saddle racks should you have in the tack room—and should the tack room be carpeted? Is a generator rack worth it? Should the upholstery be upgraded? What about the toilet seat cover? (No, seriously, that last one is an option too.)

One of the options that is easy to overlook, however, is your flooring. All our trailers come with standard rubber stall matting, which provides protection to your aluminum or wood flooring and also gives your horses grip on what would otherwise be a very sheer surface. However, rubber stall matting has its limitations. Because of this, one of our most highly recommended post-purchase installs is WERM flooring. Here are eight reasons why it makes the top of our list:

1. WERM flooring is slip resistant

One of the downsides of traditional rubber matting is that it quickly becomes slippery when wet. A slippery surface can be dangerous for your horses, especially if you have a difficult loader or a nervous hauler. The textured rubber surface created by WERM flooring adds additional grip and creates a slip-resistant surface that can prevent travel-related injuries.

2. WERM flooring is non-porous and completely sealed

A trailer is a big purchase, and it’s important that you maintain your investment—whether you’re planning on selling it or not. Porous flooring, or flooring which does not completely seal, such as rubber matting, allows urine, water, and manure to seep through to your floor. Dampness and acidity can result in rotting or deterioration in wood floors, while aluminum floors can suffer from corrosion. WERM flooring eliminates these risks by providing a completely non-porous and sealed surface. This will protect your flooring for the lifetime of your trailer.

3. WERM flooring is easy to maintain

It’s no fun trying to sweep or spray shavings and manure out of the edges of rubber matting. Once it’s in there, it feels as though it will never come out (and, because nobody has time to spend all day cleaning their trailer, it probably never will). Because WERM flooring is non-absorbent, and seamless, with no gaps for shavings or manure to get caught in, it cleans off easily with a hose. Plus, it also controls the level of bacteria allowed to grow in your trailer, which means your trailer won’t stink as much or as easily. Win-win!

4. WERM flooring is cushioned

As horse owners, we’re always thinking about the comfort and well-being of our horses—especially when it comes to hauling. WERM flooring provides more cushioning than traditional rubber matting, absorbing more literal bumps in the road and reducing road noise. This means that your horses will have a quieter, more comfortable ride. We’re sure they’ll thank you for that!

5. WERM flooring is durable and permanent

When you invest in something, you want to know it will last. Fortunately, once you install WERM flooring, it’s in your trailer to stay. And with superb durability, it is likely to last the lifetime of your trailer. No more lifting heavy rubber matting, no more wondering whether it’s time to invest in new flooring. Install it once and you’re good to go.

6. WERM flooring is environmentally friendly

Few people appreciate the beautiful natural world more than horse people. It’s like a second home, the place where we spend much of our time, and is essential to the well-being of our horses. So even if you’re not about to join a local climate march (neither are we), it’s still nice to know that what you’re purchasing doesn’t harm the natural world. WERM flooring is made from 100% post-industrial recycled rubber, which makes it as friendly to the environment as it is to your horses.

7. WERM flooring is colour customizable

Black is a great colour. But sometimes you want something that is just a little more you. WERM flooring isn’t just durable, comfortable, and easy to maintain, it’s also FUN. With eighteen different colours to choose from, you can make your floor almost any colour you’d like, from orange to blue to purple. You can even mix and match colours, blending 2-3 colours together for a truly unique look. And for those of us who love classic black, not to worry. They’ve got that too.

8. WERM flooring is easy to install

It can be challenging to be without your trailer, especially during show or rodeo season. WERM flooring can be installed quickly: 24-48 hours (depending on temperature and humidity) are needed to wash, prep, and cure your trailer, and the install itself can usually be completed in a few hours. It can also be installed on almost any permanent surface, including wood, aluminum, and steel!

WERM flooring is good for your horses, good for your trailer, and, ultimately, good for your wallet too. It will ensure your horses have the most comfortable ride possible, as well as protect your trailer flooring from corrosion, damage, and bacteria build-up. If you still have questions on whether WERM flooring is the best option for you, we’d encourage you to contact our Service Shop. They’ll be able to answer any questions you may still have—in addition to booking your trailer in for an install as soon as you’re ready. We hope to see you in one of our shops for your WERM install soon!