Utility Trailers are perfect for many hauling needs. Utility Trailers are great for hauling ATVs, Sleds, Bobcats, Motorcycles, Cars, and more! What you’re hauling will determine what size of utility trailer would be best for you. Vantage Trailers has a large inventory of both pre-owned and new utility trailers for sale that are ready to hit the road.

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Utility Trailers for Sale

What are Utility Trailers?

Utility trailers are fantastic trailers for hauling ATV’s, motorcycles, cars, or landscaping materials. The versatility of a good Utility trailer can be endless.

Aluminum vs. Heavy Duty Utility Trailers

Aluminum utility trailers are great for medium payloads, ATV’s and other hauling needs including landscape materials. The lightweight bodies help save on fuel, and for most conventional uses, aluminum utility trailers are preferred. Heavy-duty usage, including larger vehicles or very heavy payloads, would most likely benefit more from a heavy-duty utility trailer like an Iron Bull.

What size of Utility Trailer is Best?

This will depend on what you are hauling. For household and basic trash runs, a 5′ x 8′ would most likely work. If you’re hauling bobcats, ATVs, or other recreational vehicles, it would be best to look at trailers with a 16′ – 18′ length.
If you’re unsure on which service deck is best for you, reach out to us at Vantage Trailers. We will walk you through the entire process while trying to find you the best trailer for your needs. Contact us today!

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