Getting the right flatbed trailer can do wonders when it comes to hauling payloads, storing materials, or moving equipment around. Vantage Trailers has multiple sizes and styles available for your hauling needs. Contact us today to learn more.

Flatbed Trailers for Sale

What are Flatbed Trailers?

Flatbed trailers are great for transporting construction materials, farm supplies or heavy equipment. Out of the utility, cargo, and dump trailers, the flatbed trailers are the most versatile when it comes to hauling freedoms.

Why use a Flatbed Trailer over a Dump Trailer?

Dump trailers are great for hauling, but typically have sides that impede certain ways you can get at your hauled materials. For the absolute highest level of freedom, we recommend flatbed trailers due to their lack of sides.

What are the Types of Flatbed Trailers?

Depending on the weights of your loads, you can save gas on utilizing a trailer that is made with aluminum. Being more lightweight, they can be great for hauling small – medium loads. If you require a trailer that can haul heavier equipment or larger loads, you may want to go with a flatbed trailer with a heavy duty capacity.
If you’re unsure on which flatbed trailer is best for you, reach out to us at Vantage Trailers. We will walk you through the entire process while trying to find you the best trailer for your needs. Contact us today!

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