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Let’s get ready to roll! The snow is gone (or nearly gone), the temperatures are remaining above zero, and its time to get the animals and family out with the trailer.

Below are the steps to getting the trailers plumbing system ready for use after being winterized:

  • Turn water pump suction valve to ‘on’ position
  • Turn water pump winterize line to ‘off’ position
  • Install low point drain plugs
  • Fill fresh water tank
  • Turn on pump and run hot, cold, toilet water lines, and any exterior taps until the water runs clear.
  • After water lines are flushed, turn water heater bypass valve to ‘off’ position
  • Turn hot water tank cold inlet valve to ‘on’ position
  • Install water heater anode rod/plug
  • Fill water heater tank by turning on the pump

Once the system is flushed out it is the perfect time to run through some water freshener, such as Spring Fresh to eliminate stale tastes, odors, and bacteria that may occur over winter storage.

It’s also a good time to replace the anode rod in your water heater if it has one, any water filters that may be due, and batteries in any detectors that may have them. While you are out there it’s another great opportunity to check all the seals.

*Some trailers may not be equipped with water heater bypass valves and may need to be bypassed manually for both winterize and summerize procedures. There are kits available to add the bypass valves to the water heater, as well as the antifreeze line to the pump.

Here is a video from Lakota Trailers on how to summerize your trailer.