Snow Tire Tread Buffalo NY

Snow Tire Tread Buffalo NY

Having good snow tire tread in Buffalo NY is not optional. It is necessary. Try The Original Tyre-Grip for your tires today.

Do I Need Snow Tires?

If you live in an area where you receive snow, and you drive a lot, chances are you will need snow tires to see you through the winter. Snow tires are not always necessary. Sometimes you need a little extra traction to keep you from slipping and sliding. An alternative to snow tire tread in Buffalo NY can be sprayed on using our spray which is an innovative product that applies a thin layer of resin on the treads of your tires.

Good snow tire tread in Buffalo, NY is essential, so consider buying snow tires and also having a can of The Original Tyre-Grip handy for when conditions are icy, and you must get to your destination. 

You might also consider keeping Tyre-Grip in your car if you don’t drive a lot, and you notice the roads are becoming slick. It will give you better traction and can help save you from sliding off the roadway into the ditch.

What Should I Carry In My Car For A Wintry Drive?

  • Folding Shovel—If you find yourself stuck in a snowbank or snowed in a decent shovel is an invaluable tool. There are several compact, lightweight folding varieties you can easily store in your truck.   
  • Windshield Scraper & De-icer—These two tools can help free your windshield of snow and ice, and if you have a lot of ice, use the de-icer.
  • Always make sure you have a snack box with fresh water. You never know if you might get stuck on the road due to road closures or if you slide off and have to stay in your automobile. Fresh drinking water is vital because it is easy to become dehydrated. Snacks such as nuts, candy, and energy bars are excellent.
  • Flares or other emergency signaling devices are useful if you are stuck along the road.
  • A Flashlight–A good flashlight with a set of fresh batteries will help save the battery on your cell phone.
  • An alternative way to charge your cell phone–There are several different types of alternative portable chargers, power packs, and adapters that are worth investing in if you plan on doing a lot of traveling during the winter months.
  • A Wireless Beacon—If you are planning on traveling to a remote area and going off-grid, an emergency beacon can transmit your GPS to family and other emergency services via satellites.
  • First Aid Kit—A basic first aid kit should always be in your car.
  • Warm Blanket & Clothes—You might need to stay in your car for several hours, and having extra clothing and a warm blanket is critical.
  • Snow Socks or Chains
  • The Original Tyre-Grip

Is It Worth Driving During Severe Weather?

Only you can determine if you need to drive during the worst winter weather. Municipal Road Crews, Police Officers, Fire Fighters, and all emergency personnel have critical jobs that require them to brave the elements. If you don’t have to, it is safer at home. Snow tire tread in Buffalo NY is critical. 

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