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For far too long, horse and livestock owners have grappled with the hassles of heavy rubber mats, the constant need for cleaning, and the wear and tear on trailer floors. Enter the WERM Flooring System, a groundbreaking solution that not only eliminates these problems but elevates the overall experience of horse travel. In this blog post, we’ll explore the process of installing WERM Flooring on your horse trailer, providing a permanent, comfortable, and low-maintenance flooring solution.

Never Lift Heavy Mats Again!

Say goodbye to the tedious task of lifting and cleaning heavy rubber mats. The WERM Flooring System is a permanent solution that seals your trailer floor, offering a padded, slip-resistant surface that stands up to the rigors of equine travel. Unlike traditional spray-on liners, WERM won’t crack or chip, ensuring durability that lasts.

The Versatility of WERM

WERM isn’t just for horse trailers – it’s a versatile flooring solution that can be installed in various settings. From barns and wash racks to clipping rooms, cattle chutes, vet/equine centers, expos, fairgrounds, and more, WERM adapts to different environments seamlessly. It can be installed on concrete, wood, aluminum, steel, or virtually any other permanent surface.

Benefits of WERM Flooring Installation

1. Protects Your Investment

Say goodbye to pitting and deterioration of trailer floors. WERM protects your trailer floor, adding value and longevity to your investment.

2. Easy Maintenance

Cleaning has never been easier. No more wrestling with heavy mats – simply hose off the floor after each use for a quick and hassle-free cleanup.

3. Ultimate Comfort for Horses

Reduce road noise and provide an added cushion for your horses. WERM Flooring ensures a comfortable ride, minimizing stress during travel.

4. Factory Option for New Trailers

WERM is not just an aftermarket solution. It’s a factory option on select new trailers, showcasing its recognition as a superior flooring choice. Moreover, it’s available for installation on all new and used trailers.

5. Versatility Beyond Trailers

Extend the benefits of WERM beyond your horse trailer. It’s excellent for stalls, aisleways in your barn, wash stalls, and more, offering a consistent and comfortable flooring solution.

In conclusion, installing WERM Flooring on your horse trailer is a transformative decision that brings unparalleled comfort, durability, and ease of maintenance. It’s not just a surface; it’s an investment in the well-being of your horses and the longevity of your trailer. Say goodbye to the era of heavy mats and hello to a new age of hassle-free, comfortable equine travel. The WERM Flooring System will floor you with its performance – get ready for a journey like never before!

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