Dirt Bike Riding Gear

Dirt Bike Riding Gear

Wicked Family always insists on motorbike enthusiasts dressing up properly when heading out for a drive. Not wearing a jersey, helmet, glove, or comfortable pants can portray you as a careless and irresponsible driver. Besides, motorbike gear protects you against harsh weather and potential injuries. Our range of dirt bike riding gear can provide you with the most refreshing, enthralling, and comfortable riding experience.

Tie-Dye Moto Gear

The Tie-Dye style is a stand-out style that allows the families to express themselves in the best motorcycle gear. This style is a high-performance moto-gear design that cannot go unnoticed on the track. Our Tie-dye style gear collection can keep you comfortable and dry throughout the day. It also ensures the freedom and flexibility you need for a unique motorbiking experience.


Our gloves come in 13 attractive colors and two different styles and are lightweight and comfortable. Our push glove comes from a breathable and stretchy material that offers exceptional comfort. These pieces deliver a slip-on cuff design that makes them easy to put on and remove.

On the other hand, Tempo Gloves are ideal for riders requiring more support in their glove, as they come with an adjustable wrist closure. You can now choose a comfortable glove model in a color that best complements your motorcycle clothing and helmets.

ID Kits

You can shop motorcycle gear from us and personalize it as your like. Our Wicked MX Jersey allows customers to add their name and number to their apparel. We create the print using a durable digital heat transfer, and our designers go to great lengths to select the right transfer color and make it look cool and chic on your jersey.

We take as little as 3 to 5 days to create your personalized jersey and create a brand. However, we do not accept returns with our ID kit products. You can order your ID kit in two simple steps:

  1. Add a jersey to your cart.
  2. Choose ID kit & style.
  3. Add your name and number.

Check our size guide before placing your ID kit order for the perfect fit. Our sizing guide can also help you prevent sizing issues with your motorbike gear.

Gear Set

We understand the hassle of buying different road motorcycle gear from separate stores and ensuring they complement each other. Our motorbike gear set collection will save you money and provide unparalleled quality on top of that. Our stunner gear set collection encompasses a solid jersey, moto pants, and a hardy glove. Modestly priced at $342, our complete gear set can last several years with proper care and maintenance and save you costs. We deliver our gear sets to all of Europe, the USA, Canada, South Africa, and Australia. 

Check out our website to purchase from our dirt bike riding gear collection. Wicked Family as a brand has always focused on safeguarding the bikers by producing the best quality gear. All our jerseys, pants, gloves, and ID kits are budget-friendly, come in vibrant colors, and are comfortable to wear. Email us at info@wickedfamily.com for purchase-related inquiries.

Dirt Bike Riding Gear

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