Alberta Cargo Trailer

Alberta Cargo Trailer

There is nothing new and basically down to common sense to purchase an item or product that is perfectly suited for the particular work it is needed for.

But the need to involve professional expertise to help navigate the right item or equipment cannot be overstated especially as it has to do with a knowledge-required venture like cargo trailers. The available specifications, the nature of the work to be used for, the cost as it relates to affordability are the core benefits Vantage Trailer Sales is bent on providing.

What We Do

Located at Lethbridge and Lacombe in Alberta, Canada, we are major dealers in the sale of heavy-duty vehicles, whether you’re going for a new, used or pre-owned cargo trailer, we offer both open and enclosed cargo trailers.

Asides from the in-depth knowledge concerning trailers we offer to our highly esteemed customers through our experienced and proficient team, click here to meet them, we also go as far as providing important maintenance services to trailers and helping in the sales and servicing of parts.

Our Inventory

We offer several utility trailers for sale with customized specifications as it relates to the preference of our customers which stems from the usage of such machinery.

Listed are the different types of trailers we offer.

  1. Horse Trailers  

These Trailers are used to transport animals, especially horses to and from locations, they have adequate ventilation, structured in a dimension to cater for the physicality of these horses.

  1. Livestock Trailers

These are trailers perfectly suited to help transport animals across towns, they’re perfectly built for long-range distances and can bear the weight of different animals.

  1. Enclosed Cargo Trailers

These are trailers perfect for owners who need added security and protection in moving expensive items.

  1. Open Utility Trailers

These are used to move landscape equipment around, they have the structural capacity to carry vehicles over a long distance. 

  1. Dump Trailers

These trailers have large spaces that are enough to carry items, they can be used for different services including junk removal, snow removal, job site hauling.

Services We Render

Apart from the sales of original trailers carefully built for your needs, we also make it our responsibility to offer valuable information to our customers on the management of these vehicles.

Here is a list of other extended services we render to our customers.

  1. Inspection

These are the various activities put in place to determine the suitability and general fitness of the trailers, as this help to confer assurance on the proper working condition of the trailer.

  1. Brake and Bearing Services 

One of the most important parts of a trailer is the brakes and bearing, as this determines whether the trailers are safe and fit to be used on the road.

  1. Flooring Installation

This help to counter the problem of slippery floors inside the trailer, with the application of the WERM flooring that helps to proffer more grip. 

Whenever you’re in need to inquire about our consignment, financing, how our services are rendered, and the parts available whether for used trailers or its new counterpart, we are always on hand to give you a 24/7 unmatched service.

Get a free quote today by contacting us. Your next need for trailer dealers in and around Calgary is just a call away 

Lethbridge: 403-320-9889

Lacombe: 403-782-5500

Alberta Cargo Trailer

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Alberta Cargo Trailer

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