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Purchasing a new horse trailer is always exciting. You get to explore new makes and models, choose your favourite options, decide on exactly what you’re looking for, and, finally, head out to pick out your perfect horse trailer. Selling your old horse trailer is somewhat less exciting—and it can take just as much work. Between cleaning, listing, and showing your trailer to prospective buyers, selling your trailer can be a stressful and time-consuming prospective.

Fortunately, there’s an alternative to selling your trailer on your own. At Vantage Trailer Sales, we offer consignment services, which means that your used trailer will get sold faster, easier. Here are our top six reasons to consign your horse trailer.


No matter how carefully you have cared for your horse trailer, over time it will experience wear and tear, resulting in things being worn down or even broken. If you are privately selling your trailer, it is your responsibility to ensure your trailer is clean, repaired, and that any unresolved issues are made known to prospective buyers. This can be a difficult, if not impossible, task if you lack trailer expertise.

When you bring your trailer in for consignment, we take care of the dirty work! Our certified technicians will fully inspect your trailer and report back to you with recommendations for repairs. With the go-ahead from you, the service shop will then proceed repair, clean, and detail your trailer. This way, buyers can rest assured that your trailer has been fully inspected, and that anything damaged has been fixed or fully disclosed, prior to the sale.


With so many horse trailers on the market, it can be difficult privately marketing your trailer to prospective buyers. Where do you advertise it? How do you make sure it gets seen? Consigning overcomes this marketing challenge. Our website receives hundreds of hits per day, and with professional photos taken by our marketing team, your trailer is sure to get noticed. We also maintain a databank of interested customers looking to buy used, who will be immediately contacted with your trailer’s information. This way, your trailer will be seen by more interested buyers in less time.


No one wants strangers on their property. Regardless of how you feel about interacting with people, inviting strangers onto your property and into your trailer can always pose a security risk. Consigning eliminates this risk, as your trailer will be stored and shown to prospective buyers on one of our secure lots. Instead of showing it yourself, our professional sales team will meet interested customers and show them around your trailer. Plus, we are fully bonded and insured, ensuring that your valuable asset is safe and secure.


Selling your trailer privately usually means a prospective buyer has to be prepared to pay the full price upon pickup. On a purchase as large as a horse trailer, especially larger LQ horse trailers, this can be prohibitive for many. However, securing financing on a trailer does not have to be difficult. By consigning with us, your interested buyers will be able to access all of the same financing options as our own direct customers. We offer many convenient finance options for buyers, utilizing traditional banks, lending institutions, as well as leasing companies. Whether a buyer is looking to purchase personally or through a business, our finance plans will help close the sale!


It’s easy hand over cash for an old bicycle you found on Kijiji. It’s much more challenging to transfer payment for a valuable horse trailer. When receiving payment on a private sale, there’s always the worry that the cheque you received may bounce, or that your buyer has utilized some other fraudulent payment method. Consigning makes these stressful money matters easy, by ensuring the transaction takes place in a secure manner. We’ll handle the financial transaction to be sure payment gets to you without difficulty and without delay.


“Will you trade it for a camper?” Many buyers are looking to get out of their current trailer, whether that is an RV or a used horse trailer, and may ask if you are willing to do a trade. If you’re like most sellers, you’d rather have cash than another trailer to sell. But refusing a trade can often lead to a lost sale. Consigning with us leads to a win-win-win in this scenario: we can take a trade to ensure your trailer gets sold, the buyer gets the trailer they want, and you walk away with cash in your pocket. No lost sale. No extra hassle for you. Just a smooth transaction across for all parties.

Consigning your trailer is the easiest, fastest, and least stressful method of selling your trailer. But it’s not something you have to rush into. If you’re unsure whether you should consign or sell privately, you may wish you first try selling your trailer privately and see what happens. Some sellers have good success flipping their horse trailers on their own! If you discover selling privately isn’t working, is too challenging or time consuming, or if you want to move your trailer immediately, we recommend contacting us to begin selling your trailer today. Whatever you decide, we wish you the best of luck selling, and hope to see you shopping for a new horse trailer soon!

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