Flat Deck Trailer Red Deer

Flat Deck Trailer Red Deer

There are several purposes individuals uses trailers, they are used for diverse purposes like- industrial purposes, cargo, dump, utilities and used in transporting horses and livestock.

The need to involve a professional when purchasing heavy-duty machines are very important as they can draw from their vast well of experience in pointing individuals towards the right direction in purchasing equipment that will serve them well.  There is no better trailer dealer in and around Calgary better placed for this than Vantage Trailer Sales.

What are Flatdeck Trailers?

These are one of the most popular trailers, constructed with the deck between the wheels, they are low to the ground so there is not much difficulty when loading and unloading. Here are some of the uses of flat deck trailers. 

1. Vehicles such as ATV are perfectly suited for flat deck trailers as they can be hauled between the wheels.

 2. The ease of loading is what sets these trailers apart as they can be done around the wheels and fenders. 

3. The weight can be an important factor that makes these trailers desirable, as it allows hauling more while maintaining the towing limits. 

4. The use of hands to load onto these trailers have been made easy because of their heights.

What We Do

At Vantage Trailers and Sales, we pride ourselves on the sales of quality new or used flat deck trailers, we recognize the need to sell a product that we can confidently buy ourselves, also going as far as providing maintenance services to all our clients even after the purchase is done.

Trailer dealerships in and around Alberta has just gotten easier as we can be easily accessed from whichever location our clients are with an extensive network in and around Lacombe, Lethbridge and Red Deer, Alberta.

Our Inventory

Aside from having flat deck trailers for sale, we have several other types of trailers for our client’s perusal.

They include:

Horse and Livestock Trailers

Customized for the easy transportation of horses and animals across long distances.

Utility Trailers

 Specifically built for ATV, UTV and car hauls, with the necessary protection and safety to ensure successful haulage.

Dump Trailers

These trailers have open spaces where items can be loaded and unloaded easily, commonly used to render services like snow and junk loading.

Bumper Pull Trailers

 These are part of the hitched category of trailers attached to a towing vehicle used for lots of conventional purposes.

These trailers are readily available with our team of managers on hand to attend to your every enquiry about financing, servicing of used and new trailer parts, consignment procedures, meet the team here

Around Alberta, trailers are used as standard equipment both for industrial and personal purposes,  we recognize how important this equipment is and we, therefore, provide quality and long-lasting products to the delight of our customers 

Be the latest individual or group to buy our durable flat deck trailers and you can count on our management services to help put your trailer in the right order. Get a free quote today by contacting us.

Flat Deck Trailer Red Deer

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Flat Deck Trailer Red Deer

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