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Used Horse Trailer Alberta

One of the various ways to save cost when purchasing a piece of equipment is buying the pre-owned or used version, few people may argue that the quality of the used products must have had its quality dwindled but that is not the case at Vantage Trailer parts.

As a result of our efficient management system, where we give priority to servicing parts and increasing efficiency, our new and used horse trailers for sale are always in their best condition to give maximum quality to those who purchase.

What are Horse Trailers?

Horse trailers are an example of livestock trailers, only specifically constructed and customized with the weight, height and physicality of horses in mind. They are non-motorized trailers that only get attached to a truck for transportation.

An open bay interior is often present, to assist in the loading and transporting of horses, the height of the compartments are higher than the tallest of horses to ease carriage, depending on the model and size of the trailer, most horse trailers can carry over six horses at a go, and as a result, we have the large and small livestock trailers according to the preference of our customers, for sale.

What We Do

Based in Canada, with a vast network in Calgary, we have accumulated profound knowledge in trailer sales and management with years of experience to call on, our network of services have cut across the length and breadth of Alberta, with affiliated customers in Lacombe and the number one Horse trailer dealer in Lethbridge.

We go as far as providing extensive services before and after purchase of our trailers to ensure that these machines give their best as regards capacity and last long to the delight of our customers.

Our Inventory 

Horse trailers are not the only trailers we have for interested clients who wish to browse through our catalogue, here is a list of other trailers.

  1. Livestock Trailers

These are the trailers that are designed for the more general purpose of transporting diverse animals used for food or in the production of food, built with aluminium, and rust-resistant to withstand harsh conditions during a long haul. Our horse stock trailers are available for sale in and around Calgary.

  1. Dump Trailers

We recognise the fact that most trailer owners could purchase a trailer for other services aside from livestock and animals.

Our dump trailers have sufficient spaces to contain loaded items, they can haul items like sands, stones, building materials, snow and junk across different locations.

  1. Enclosed Cargo Trailers

Customers who are in the business of transporting valuable equipment to be used at events, motorcycles with the need for added protection have our enclosed trailers as a suitable option.

We offer these types of trailers and more for sale, our team of capable experts are always on hand to provide extensive information on every of your enquiry centred around the consignment details, financing, servicing of parts of used and new trailers in helping you decide the perfect trailers for your need, you can meet them here

With years of consistently churning out quality trailers and providing matchless services to our customers, handling your request of buying a horse trailer in Lethbridge or any location in and around Alberta can be considered a successful venture.

Get a free quote today by contacting us. You are a call away from experiencing maximum satisfaction concerning your purchase.

Lethbridge: 403-320-9889

Lacombe: 403-782-5500

Used Horse Trailer Alberta

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Used Horse Trailer Alberta

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