Alberta Livestock Trailers

Alberta Livestock Trailers

There are diverse products that have saturated the market sphere and this begs for the service of experts to differentiate those that are quality from a large pool of products. Livestock trailers are not an exception as they are different models out there from pre-owned or used to new trailers.

At Vantage trailers and sales, we do not only offer trailers of different kinds for sale we recognise the need to guide individuals throughout their purchasing face and even extend our services to the post-purchase phase.

Livestock Trailers

Heavy-duty trailers have different purposes for which they serve depending on the reason an individual who owns the trailer for among the purpose of owning a trailer as for the transportation of animals our livestock trailers are of immense quality durable enough to withstand the test of time specifically built to cater for a large number of animals putting the weight and height into consideration

Our inventory 

We offer a large range of trailers in a different dimension to help cater for the growing need of businesses

Horse Trailers

Specifically built for the transportation of horses.

Dump Trailers

They have open spaces to ensure easy loading and unloading of items.

Open Utility Trailers

These trailers are heavy-duty machines that help to transport bulky pieces of equipment over a long distance

Enclosed Cargo Trailers

With attention to protection and security, these trailers provide the items stored with much-needed safety, they are used to move delicate types of equipment

Bumper-Pull Stock Trailers

These are trailers built for long hauls, hitched to a towing vehicle, its aluminium construction helps for durability under harsh conditions.

You can browse through our buoyant catalogue to select your preferred trailers and also be in the know about the finance involved here.

Our services

Located in the metropolitan area of Alberta, Canada with an extended network of services that cut across Lacombe and  Lethbridge, you can purchase your preferred trailer from a pool of new or used stock trailers for sale, with all the ease you can imagine.

Aside from also providing diverse horse and stock trailers, we recognise the need for customers to achieve real value for their money by providing other management and servicing procedures to help increase the lifespan of the trailers.


Individuals do not need to worry about the whole process of financing their desired trailers as our team of competent experts have put together several flexible options for the benefit of our clients.

We offer a three-way operational model that involves 

  1. Applying

This involves contacting our team to submit your application.

  1. Approval

 This has to do with self-examination and conclusion on the payment plan that suits you

  1. Driveaway

This is the final step that has our customers provide relevant documents and drive their trailers away with them.

Our team of experts are always available to guide you through the process here

For a fulfilled and satisfactory trailer adventure, your next stop at a company where stock trailers are for sale should undoubtedly be at Vantage Trailers & Sales.

Everything is perfectly tailored to the benefit of our highly esteemed clients. Get a free quote today by contacting us.

Alberta Livestock Trailers

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Alberta Livestock Trailers

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